Rub Pediatrics, MD PA

Rub Pediatrics MD PA is a full service pediatric office serving southeast Florida, dedicated to providing a better quality of life for its patients. This is a family run practice that began by the late Moises Rub, M.D. in the mid 1970’s and has continued with two of his sons, Beny Rub, M.D.  and Jose Mark Rub, M.D.

I was so lucky to have Dr. Beny and Dr. Mark as my pediatricians growing up. They are still the doctors I trust most when making any health-related decisions!

Thank you to Rub Pediatrics, Dr. Jose Mark and Eva Rub, Dr. Beny and Marta Rub, the late Dr. Moises Rub z"l, and Raquel Rub!



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