Your Impact

Representing a small nation like Israel (which provides no government funding to Winter Athletes) in Skeleton can be quite expensive. Between equipment, coaching, housing, cars, flights, etc, I’m projecting to spend over $43k this season trying to qualify Israel for the Olympics.

I’m completely self-funded. I’m an attorney by trade, but had to take a lighter workload this summer to focus on training, and have completely stopped taking any new work since September, and won’t again until the season is over. This is the only way I can compete with and beat athletes from countries like USA, Canada, Germany who fully-fund their athletes so they can focus on the sport full-time.

Unlike in other years where I can pick and choose how much I train and compete around the state of my bank account, this season I need to attend all the training time and races possible. I’ll be going to Whistler in October for the first Olympic Qualifying races, then on to Park City, Lake Placid, and Germany, before hopefully Beijing in February for the Games.

In order to help pay for my season and try to make sure Israel is represented in Beijing, I rely on your support! 

Training Program and Expenses

My projected expenses for the upcoming season are as follows:

●  Equipment | $4,500
●  Car Rentals | $3,194
●  Ice Time | $2,785
●  Flights | $7,806
●  Lodging Accommodations | $6,979
●  Baggage Fees | $2,919
●  Sprint and Weightlifting Coaching | $2,160
●  Sliding Coaching | $8,500
●  Speedsuits | $1,300
●  Spikes | $700
●  Recovery | $1,500

Total: $42,343 per season


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All Donations are Tax Deductible 

Partnerships and donations go directly towards my season’s costs, and in the USA are tax-deductible, benefiting the Israel Bobsled and Skeleton Federation, a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit. As a partner, you will be a part of this unique journey with me.